Finance Programs for Manufacturers & Distributors

PDS Gaming provides many forms of capital to the manufacturing sector of the gaming industry. Because PDS understands the intricacies of gaming operations and the objectives of the manufacturers, PDS can provide capital via various unique programs to enable manufacturers to expand their business and manage their capital effectively.

For manufacturers and distributors, PDS provides financial programs to their customers, helping them sell more equipment. PDS can become their behind-the-scene source of capital where they maintain the relationship with their customer in all phases, including billing, collecting and servicing.  PDS provides liquidity to the manufacturers and distributors by monetizing the manufacturers’ and distributors’ accounts receivable, providing manufacturers and distributors more access to capital to develop markets and products. PDS is another alternative to banks.

Production Financing

PDS can provide an organization the required production capital, secured by the very equipment produced.  In most cases, PDS allows manufacturers the flexibility to move equipment from property to property and warehouse to property, along with new installations or removals, with little of the notification or paperwork usually associated with secured equipment financing arrangements.

Receivable Purchases, Short & Long Term

PDS has well established relationships with customers in which client payment programs can be sold to PDS as a commodity with simplified paperwork, small discounts and non-recourse structures.  PDS can establish these same receivable purchase lines for a single purchase or a smooth ongoing process of many receivable purchases as needed.

White Label Program

PDS can provide manufacturers’ a custom tailored, in-house, White Label program. These custom-made programs offer a sales team a pre-packaged solution to present to clients as a viable alternative to the cash sale.

PDS works with manufacturers’ accounting and sales departments, forming a program that has the manufacturer brand name, allowing it to enjoy the cash flow immediately after closing. 

Lease and Rentals

PDS can liberate the locked-up investment in ongoing client leases of almost any form.  Like the Receivable Purchase product, PDS has capital available to purchase well established or new client lease transactions, in recourse or non-recourse structures.

Equipment Sale-Leaseback

PDS currently has thousands of gaming devices in our portfolio, and that number grows every day through the purchase of manufacturers’ inventory under various leaseback structures to the manufacturers.  This purchase returns the locked-up capital to where it belongs, as available money for the operation and expansion of the gaming company.

Categories of Clients

  • Class II & III Slot Manufacturers
  • Casino Related Equipment Manufacturers
    (count room, player tracking, surveillance, signage)
  • Hotel Related Equipment Manufacturers
    (furniture, fixtures, and equipment “FF&E”)
  • Infrastructure and Transportation Equipment Manufacturers
    (point of sale, HVAC, laundry, shuttle buses, courtesy vehicles)